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Moving Day Countdown: How to Prepare for a Smooth Move

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Moving day can be a stressful experience downtown, but with the right preparation and a well-organized plan, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home. This countdown guide will walk you through five essential steps to make your residential moving day as hassle-free as possible. 

From decluttering and early packing to keeping important documents handy, waking up early for a fresh start, and conducting a final check, these strategies will help you stay on top of the moving process. Let’s properly discuss the essential steps to avoid any issues on the big day. 


Decluttering means taking a good look at your belongings and deciding what you want to keep and what you don't. If you have things you don't need anymore, like old toys or clothes you never wear, it's a good idea to get rid of them. 

You can donate them to others who might need them or throw away things that are broken. This step makes your move easier because you'll have fewer things to pack and carry to your new home. and the only things you now see are important but let's just say not everything is essential. 

Early Packing:

Early packing is all about starting to put your things into boxes or bags before moving day. this could be 4 weeks before moving day in Mississauga or just 1 week. You should begin with things you don't use often. 

For example, if it's summertime, you can pack up your heavy winter clothes first. This helps you get organized and reduces the rush on moving days. You can also label the boxes so you know what's inside. 

If it's your first time moving into a new home across town or in the same city, then you should look for the best moving company in Mississauga to make your move easier. 

Here, at Two Guys Moving we treat every new client as our own. We take your every instruction close to heart and we are consistent. 

Important Documents:

These are papers that are really valuable, like your birth certificate, passport, or important papers related to your new home. It's important to keep these documents with you, not packed away in boxes.

You should have a special folder or bag for them. Think of these papers as your "super important" papers that need to be kept safe and close at all times.

Wake Up Early:

On moving day, it's a good idea to start your day early. Instead of sleeping in, you get up earlier than usual. This gives you more time to get everything done and have a recap afterwards. 

It's like starting your day with the sun in the sky, so you have plenty of time to finish your moving tasks without rushing. This step ensures your efficient move is hassle-free and on time. 

Final Check:

Before you leave your old home, it's like taking one last look around to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Walk through all the rooms to be sure you didn't leave behind something important. 

It's like doing a final review to make sure you've packed everything you need for your new home. And say a last goodbye! 

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